FEIS 2013

December 9 — 12, 2013, Key West, Florida


Proceedings will be published as a special volume in the classical series "Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics", which for many years has been edited by Peter Hawkes. Every speaker is encouraged to submit a paper, which will be peer reviewed. Invited speakers are allotted 12 pages, and contributed speakers will receive 8 pages in standard 10pt LaTeX article style [either by LaTeX or by Word]. Upon successful review, final versions are to be submitted in a style determined by the book series.

The style example template files: MS Word, LaTeX, LyX.
Please see the example file (pdf) for formatting requirements. [All the files zipped]

Paper Submission

The online submission requires your FEIS2013 registered email address, the paper title, the pdf version of the paper, and a zip file containing all the source files. Each paper submission is associated to a valid registered email address. (You can check your registered email address in the abstract booklet.) If multiple submissions happen associated to the registered email address, the online submission system keeps only the last set of submitted files and the title. Please contact the administrator for any help regarding the submissions.

Paper Submission Deadline: March 15th, 2014